Voting for Malaysia on Global Competition Finals!

Hello all!

Hereby I’m inviting all of you to show your supports for the competition Pitch Your Place by Your Big Year, which a video about Malaysia are now in the global finals to be showcased.

I need all the Votes we can get for people to ‘Like’ this video and raise Malaysia’s ranking globally in the competition.
I hope to pursue this interest as this is about our Country, and I hope all Malaysians can support it!

Just follow the 3 simple steps here;
1) Go to — Click ‘Like’ the Group
2) From the Group — GO to its Wall and Scroll Down to look for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
3) Just click ‘Like’ on it — You have casted your Vote for Malaysia in the Global Standing

OPTIONAL – Please show your Patriotism and share this video on your Facebook too and tell your friends to Vote and let them read the instructions above.

Sincere and many thanks,
Muhammad Hafiz ;)


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