Small Investments = Big Revenues

Greetings, readers 🙂

On May 2011, on a Sunday morning, one of my mentors asked me via Facebook‘s IM, all the way from Peru, where he’s at, during that time, “Hafiz, do you want to help me with the OYW report?”, and because I’ve heard about One Young World last year, and also the report for last year’s summit, so I take the offer without any questions! 😀

So, after accepted the offer, I’ve been introduced to the Editor in Chief of this year’s OYW report. Then, after some introductions, to the teammates and to the project (the how tos and what’s going on), I’m officially become as a part of the team, as a Social Media Evangelist for the report!

Truthfully, my feelings are mixed, when doing this report. From introductory, on-going processes until to the expected outcomes. Even though, most of my voluntary works (the past, on-going, and maybe the upcoming), are based on social medias or the digital medium, but creating this report, is the heaviest work yet that I’m working on, despite of my experiences and my knowledge about social medias or the digital medium. It’s truly challenging me, and sometimes, I’m at stake, between stay on top or fall to the bottom.

But then, let me just focus on the positive outcomes on doing this.
>I’m a high school student. Luckily I didn’t finish my studies as a Form 5 student yet! 😀
>I’m working together with university students and working youths, which is Michael Teoh, Jonathan Chu, Mushamir Mustafa, Lionel Ngion, and last but not least, Bernie Quah 😀
>I’m connecting myself to more youths, outside there, like myself, a youth, doesn’t matter by age, religion and race, which doing a lot of things, for good cause, and one of it, is for the goodness of us, the Gen Y/Youths! 😀
>I began to learn and appreciate more, yet inspired of what they’ve done for us, like what most youths have done before in their past times, where those hardworking youths, sacrifice their time and energy, for causes which they do believe, it’s the good ones, yet not being acknowledged, as what they expect to have at least in return, except for criticisms.
>Working together with my teammates, to pool the voices of us, the Gen Y/Youths of Malaysia, and voice it out loud to the world, at world stage(s).
>Continuing to believe, without doubts, to imagine the possibilities of anything good, and invest in change, which will give positive ROI, doesn’t matter in big or small value.

For this project, my teammates and I, are working on together, with strong bonds, to pool the voices of our homegrown Malaysian young people, and voice it out loud, to youths and big times people, nationally and internationally. At least, we can help those youths out there, to feel good and more confidence, on working on a lot of things, for good causes, as there’s still people who’s supporting them, and there’s still people which they can trust, to share what they’re working, with.

“We are the ones, we are the change that we seek” – Barrack Obama, President of the United States of America.
From that quote above, in my own interpretation, it means, if we are seeking for change, we need to change ourselves first. So, as what most of us, the hardworking youths do believe, we are seeking for good changes for all of us, the youths. So we change our ways, to contribute more, to the betterment of the society, especially us, the youths, which is also the new breed of leaders! And one of the thing that I remember until now, we can’t predict the future anyway, but we can create it together! 🙂

So, that’s all from me. Hope you’re interested and supporting my teammates and I, to the fullest, on executing it to the highest level! 🙂 Your efforts, on reading this, share details with us, and maybe spread the words about it to your friends, are truly appreciated, it’s priceless.

If you do have projects that you’re working on/you’ve worked on before, and want to share it to the world, please drop in the details to me at, or you can share it here.

Thanks and keep in touch! 🙂 Visit my connectors to know, on how to connect with myself better! 🙂


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