A Malaysian Youth CRAVING for SUPPORTS!

Hello dear comrades!

Hope my message finds you well, whenever and where ever you are.

I am writing to you, in seeking your supports and assistance upon my participation, attempting to embark Malaysia again in a globally-recognised competition named ‘Your Big Year’, which you maybe have heard about it from your peers or myself, or rad my recent statuses on FB and tweets on Twitter about it, or my recent profile picture with the word ‘Your Big Year’. To those who kinda wondering what is ‘Your Big Year’ is all about, below are the details about the competition:

Your Big Year was created by a company which based in the UK, known as Smaller Earth, as a way to engage people in the themes of entrepreneurship and global citizenship. The competiton was started in 2010. It uses an incredible prize of a trip to 5 continents meeting community and world leaders to create excitement but everyone who enters get placed in a draw for a Smaller Earth project and the 12 finalists will all be flown to Liverpool in March 2012.

Your Big Year is an official and featured event of Global Entrepreneurship Week and the final round of the competition will be interlaced through the Global Entrepreneurship Congress, also in Liverpool. More information on GEW can be found here.

For last year’s competition, two winners are chosen which is Carielle Doe from New York and Michael Teoh from Malaysia, embarked on a life changing years journey and have met many incredible and sometimes famous people. Their blog can be found here.

So, that is the brief of what is Your Big Year is all about.

I’m participating this competition again, this year, for the 2nd time, and will go all out for it! And do you still remember my recent profile picture with the word ‘Your Big Year’?


It has become as the 1st official recognised signage by the organising company itself, which is Smaller Earth. Hence, the CEO himself, Chris Arnold, had vowed to use pictures which showcase YBY as his profile picture on FB, where my picture become as the first one to be used.


( for a clear and detailed view, click here. )

As for now, the signage is merely just a beginning for my participation in this competition. And for now, I kindly want to ask for your supports towards my participation in this big game, dear friends.

So, if you don’t mind on supporting me, you need to follow these steps below:

1. Get your hand moving the mouse’s cursor and get your fingers clicking here.

2. Once the website has successfully loaded, fill in your details.

3. Choose either to support someone or compete yourself.

-Support someone
If you just want to support me, and don’t want to compete together for certain reasons which you only know why, choose to support someone.
-Compete yourself
If you want to compete together with me and other competitors to become as one of the finalists, and perhaps, winning the competition too, choose to compete yourself.

4. At the referral e-mail/user ID section, do key in 4469. Why do you need to do so? So that I can track your progress and I know you’re on-board together with me too! (Plus, we might helping each other to win together too! What”s your say about it?)

5. Once finished the registration, do solve the Quests and Questions on the website. If you have tonnes of free time, and truly glad to help me, do solve all of it. If you don’t have much of free time, do solve as much as you can. This is what matters the most, both for your registration and also to support my participation. Trust me, seriously trust me, the Quests and Questions are damn easy, literally like eating pieces of cake! ๐Ÿ˜€

6. Last but not least, once you’ve done, do inform to me. I know who am I going to thank to, if succeeded to win the game! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, that’s all from me. Your supports and assistance upon my participation for this competition, are truly appreciated. May everything goes well and smoothly for all of you, whenever and where ever you are ๐Ÿ™‚

Muhammad Hafiz


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