The ending for a new beginning!


Greetings fellow readers! 😀

Have you ever heard of Techduology? Nope? What a shame of you for never heard of that 😛 (Nah, just kidding 😀 )
In short, Techduology is a tech videocast spearheading about latest tech news, gadget reviews, and recommendations on apps and games by the pioneers – Ben Jern Loh and Jason Goh (aka smashpOp)! 😀

Recently the duo organised a live telecast for the 3rd time together with the public at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf branch in SS15, Subang Jaya, in which I came there with my significant half 😀


Besides of feeling uber excited to attend the event to witness the videocast live right before my eyes, the image above posted one day before the event day on Facebook was also one of the things that had attracted both of us to come like super early at the event’s venue. And yes indeed, we managed to come early at the venue! Surprisingly, we were the first and the second attendee arrived! 😀

2013-12-21-2474 (1)

Upon arriving like superbly early at CBTL, we had their great French Fries, Double Chocolate Peppermint Ice Blended, and Sparkling Berry Iced Tea while waiting for the related crews to finish setting up the “studio” at the reserved level of the cafe which is for the live videocast! 😀

As a big fan of peppermint-mixed beverage, I suggest all of you to try this one while it’s still available! Sorry to say, it’s better than Starbucks Coffee’s! XD

IMG_6214 (1)

After registering ourselves at the “studio”, we scored another cans of the cafe’s sparkling iced teas and also some great snacks on-the-house! 😀


IMG_6216 (1)

IMG_6215 (1)

The videocast later started with greets and thanks from the duo and later continued with some joking sessions by comedian – Kuah Jen Han

IMG_6217 (1)

After finished that part, the duo later shared about their reviews regarding latest gadgets at the venue which is:

Jabra Solemate Mini

Sony DSC-QX100 – Smartphone Attachable Lens-Style Camera

Sony Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphone
IMG_6242 (1)
Talking about this headphone, there was a game curated whereby one of the audience have to sing a song played by Ben via his phone. It was really unexpected that it was way damn easy for girl to win the headphone by just singing “da da da da da da da da~” instead of really singing the song played -_-” What a disappointment for not taking the chance trying because not knowing it can be that damn simple and easy to win -_-”

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Ultrabook Tablet PC
Regarding this tablet PC, the feeling to me when watching it is being demonstrated – it was like love at the first sight. Damn, I fall in love with that PC real hard! Too bad it is not one of the gifts for giveaways 😦

Muku Shuttr by Muku Labs
This is one of the projects in Kickstarter turned into reality function-able with smartphones running Android and iOS.

Nokia Lumia 1020
Been craving to have one because really in love with the camera and its functions 😦 There’s more story regarding this phone happened at the event below. Keep on reading!

Apps reviewed and shared with the audience are Casetagram, Agoda, and Deezer

Custom Cases  iPhone 5S  iPhone 5C  iPhone 4S  iPad  iPod Touch  Samsung Galaxy  Casetagram - Smarter hotel booking on the App Store on iTunes

Pencuri - Mark Adam

Throughout the event, I won a Deezer Gift Card that allows me to use its Premium service for 3 months during one of the lucky draw rounds conducted at the event 😀


Remember I told earlier that there is a further story regarding the Nokia Lumia 1020? Here is it!
At the end of the event, a winner was chosen from a contest conducted throughout the event by posting pictures on Instagram with the hash-tag #IWantLumia1020. Jen Han was the one who randomly chose the winning picture out of 150+ pictures posted with that hash-tag. The winning picture was the picture of the winner proposing his girlfriend. Ended up when he was selected to win the phone, he was later requested to do proposal posing not only to just his girlfriend, but also to Jen Han XD

IMG_6226 (1)
“Instead of being cliche by proposing your bride-to-be with a wedding ring, why don’t you give her a Lumia?”

IMG_6228 (1)
“Make your same-sex marriage worth the price. Propose your partner with a Lumia maybe?”

Now, for the ending – here is the reason of why this blog post is titled “The ending for a new beginning!”. It is because that the videocast ends this year and the live videocast event which is known as #TechDuoLIVE was the last one organised 😦 A saddening thing that the videocast will end, but as been told by them – a better one will come from them after Techduology. And as one of big fans of the videocast, I am looking forward to it 😀

On behalf of my significant half and also from myself as well – thanks to Ben, Jason, and the team for organising this great celebrating party of bidding farewell and welcoming a better start for next year! Both of you can become as a great Santa Claus too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from both of us! 😀

IMG_6234 (1)

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