Rebranded and Refreshed!

Sunny side up!

It has been a long time that I have not posted any updates here since my last posting which is attending the launching event of SOLS 24/7 whereby I have attended it as one of their digital influencers šŸ™‚

For 5 years to-date since the 1st day this website went live, it is with proud to announce that rebranding of my online presence has been successfully proceeded starting from locking down the new domain which would not happen without co-operation and supports from Maybank, PayPal, and Automattic Inc and also for the e-mail service geared up by Zoho Corporation in partnership with Automattic Inc to the extent of finally able to change my username for my online profile on which is a service provided by America Online (AOL).



Summarising details to make sure can be easily digested faster than the speed of light, I have ended my times of working at ZALORA Malaysia for the past 3 months since May 2015 as an Analyst tackling issues of customers for the Company’s markets in Malaysia and Brunei, ranging from the general public to VIPs.


Spent my last day with other colleagues a.k.a ZALORIANS at the Company’s team-building event at District 21, IOI Mall Putrajaya which to me as a healthy departing gift as it felt like attending a fitness bootcamp!








And as at the time of penning, I am currently prepping up to register my own company’s licenses to start venturing into the markets of procurements for companies which I am expecting that I can juggle well with my Degree studies which will kick-start real soon on early September 2015.


In the meantimes, these are updates that I can share. Nonetheless, to about 3,000+ followers of my pennings, endless thanks to all of you for supports given since day 1 of my penning!

More event coverage and updates will be posted here soon from time to time! Hang tight! šŸ˜€


One thought on “Rebranded and Refreshed!

  1. Hi Mohammed! Thank you for featuring my picture and bio on your blog, however my profile is no longer active. Would you kindly remove my image from your site now? Thank you very much, Tracey Peever (in blue)

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